Network Affiliates

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Ashley Ahlin
Area(s) of interest: Mathematics clubs and festivals for children

Julie A. Avery
Position: MSU Museum Curator Emeriti for Rural Life & Culture, Extenson Specialist for Cultural Community & Economic Development
Area(s) of interest: Culture, outreach

Susan J. Bandes, PhD
Position: Professor of Art History; co-director, Museum Studies Program
Area(s) of interest: Museums, community engagement

Burton A. Bargerstock (Advisory Group)
Position: Co-Director, National Collaborative for the Study of University Engagement; Director, Communication and Information Technology; University Outreach and Engagement
Area(s) of interest: Community-engaged scholarship, social media, technology, and adult learning

Trixi Ayahr Beeker
Position: Environmental Educator
Area(s) of interest: Citizen science, place-based education, environmental education, youth & family science education

Sanjay Bisht
Position: Student
Area(s) of interest: Lifelong education

Alison Black
Position: Communications and Volunteer Coordinator, MSU W.K. Kellogg Biological Station
Area(s) of interest: Nature, stewardship, volunteerism

Denice Blair
Position: MSU Museum Education Team, Department of Teacher Education
Area(s) of interest: Learning in museums and historic sites, learning with places and objects

Danita Brandt
Position: Associate Professor, Geological Sciences
Area(s) of interest: Outreach

Robert Coffey
Position: Doctoral Student, Higher Adult Lifelong Education
Area(s) of interest:

Zachary Constan (Advisory Group)
Position: Outreach Coordinator, MSU's National Superconducting Cyclotronic Laboratory
Area(s) of interest: Science education, outreach

Harold Cowherd
Position: Freelance composer, East Lansing; MSU Museum volunteer
Area(s) of interest: Informal learning evaluation

C. Kurt Dewhurst
Position: Curator, Folklife and Cultural Heritage, MSU Museum
Area(s) of interest:

Patrick Dickson
Position: Professor, Dept. of Counseling, Educational Psychology, and Special Education
Area(s) of interest: After-school programs

Robin K. Dickson
Area(s) of interest: Online out-of-school programs for middle school students in math and science

Julie E. Doll
Position: Outreach Specialist, W. K. Kellogg Biological Station
Area(s) of interest: Educational and outreach programming related to agriculture and the environment, with a focus on climate change. I'm the Education & Outreach Coordinator for the Kellogg Biological Station Long-term Ecological Research program ( This research project investigates how we can farm the land in a way that provides high yields while maintaining and enhancing environmental health.

Haiguang Fang
Position: Visiting Scholar
Area(s) of interest: Using technology to enhance teaching and learning, how to teach and learning in a digital world, mobile learning, teacher training

Holly Flynn (Advisory Group)
Position: Outreach Librarian, MSU Library

Area(s) of interest: Information literacy

John French
Position: Abrams Planetarium Staff

Area(s) of interest: Astronomy, observing the night sky

Kara Haas
Position: Kellogg Bird Sanctuary, W. K. Kellogg Biological Station
Area(s) of interest: Environmental education

Jim Harding
Position: Instructor, Herpetology; Outreach Specialist; Undergraduate Advisor, Dept. of Zoology; MSU Museum
Area(s) of interest: Herpetological education and conservation biology

Jeannie Koerber
Position: MSU Museum Intern, Education Team
Area(s) of interest: Research, Virtual Outreach Program, teacher kits

Jane Lee
Position: MSU Post doc
Area(s) of interest: Science (biology) education (K-12 and public), curriculum design

Norm Lownds (Advisory Group)
Position: Associate Professor Department of Horticulture; Curator, 4-H Children's Garden

Area(s) of interest: Informal science education, science field trips, educator professional development, technology integration

Marsha MacDowell
Position: Curator, Folk Arts, MSU Museum
Area(s) of interest:

Jill Morningstar
Position: Education & Psychology Librarian
Area(s) of interest: Social media and technology as a way of staying connected and how we learn from others through social media. Also, games in learning and how we can "gamify" learning

Lauren Olson
Position: Education Coordinator, Campus Sustainability
Area(s) of interest: Sustainability, energy, waste, transportation, water, purchasing, climate change

Kathryn Reed
Position: Assistant Director of Alumni Relations and Special Events
Area(s) of interest: Inter-generational learning

Dean Rehberger
Position: Director, MATRIX Center for Humane Arts, Letters, & Social Sciences Online at MSU
Area(s) of interest:

Scott Schopieray
Position: MSU College of Arts and Letters
Area(s) of interest: Learning and technology

Gail A. Vander Stoep
Position: Associate Professor, Community, Agriculture, Recreation, and Resource Studies
Area(s) of interest:

Emily Weigel
Posi­tion: Graduate student
Area(s) of inter­est: Basic science education and literacy, particularly biological/ecological phenomenon

Mary Worrall
Posi­tion: Assistant Curator and Education Specialist
Area(s) of inter­est: Museums, object-based learning, digital humanities

Jing Xi
Position: Research Scholar in the College of Education
Area(s) of interest: Secondary classrooms, teacher education, curriculum design